About Us

WedValley develops world’s 1st Personalized Community based wedding App. Chat with guests, upload images, videos, like, comment. This app is built for Samar & Rhea wedding.

WedValley is world’s first developer to develop community based wedding apps. Wedding is not between a bride and groom it is between two families and this App is meant to bring two families closer. Share the link of your wedding app with your guests and enjoy our App Features which includes –

Invitation Card – The App opens with Bride and groom’s image with a wedding countdown and venue details. Also it has a button link to activity area.

Activity Area – In activity area all the guests can upload videos, images, status, like and comment.

Chat – You can chat with all your guests with our chat feature. Also we have a common chat room for specific events and purposes like Sangeet, Bachelor Party, etc.

Background Music – App comes with background wedding music playlist. Play songs of choice in the background and get the wedding feel.

Photo Gallery – Ever been a guest to a wedding and wondered where did all the photo that photographers clicked go? Well you will find it right here on our app! All the photos clicked during wedding is uploaded to the app, so that your guests can browse them.

Events Timeline – All the events of your auspicious wedding is shown in the format of timeline with all the venue and time details so that your guests are well updated.

Wedding story – feature your wedding story using our pop-up video feature.

Bachelor Party Group – Create a separate group for bachelor party.

All our features are make your wedding experience a little better and smooth. Go ahead download it now!

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