Five different types of CBD and what can they do for your skin?

We’re going to be talking about the five different types of CBD so if you haven’t caught any of our series of what we’re talking about beauty and skincare I do want to clarify because I only mentioned it in one blog that CBD is not the same as hemp seed oil so the CBD is actually extracted from the cannabis sativa plant so there are two totally different things so we’re going to be talking about the CBD as an extract in your skincare so the first one is CBD isolate and this is actually consisting of 99% CBD it is THC which is the hallucinogenic agent free it’s very consistent of most of the manufacturers that use CBD in their products uses the CBD isolate and all other plant actives are eliminated so the next one is CBD distillate and this one is not as concentrated it’s still 80% CBD the other is rest is other minor cannabinoids and terpenes and all the other rest of it is plant materials and oils okay so the next one is full-spectrum CBD and that consists of 60% CBD and 0.3 percent.

THC it also is taken from the entire plan including the flower so it does have the plant flavonoids the it has the minor cannabinoid such as CBC CBD and CBG as well as other phytochemicals so I do have one caveat I’ve read several different articles and I read some that come across that say the CBD isolate which is the 99% is more effective and then I also have read that this full-spectrum CBD is more beneficial so there seems to be I don’t know if it’s conflicting or they just have difference of opinion but just to let you know that when you start reading literature on CBD those are some of the things that you might come across.

So now let’s get to our last CBD type so the last one is water soluble CBD in our last blog we talked about the fact that the CBD is actually naturally lipophilic meaning that it loves oil or oil soluble well when they make it water soluble what they do is they basically shrink down the molecule so that it actually can mix with water but when you do or you mix anything with water it can dilute the potency and in this case it can dilute the potency up to 30% so here comes the pro tip when you see hemp seed extract it’s more than likely hemp seed oil and don’t mistake the fact that there’s only trace amounts if any of the CBD in hemp seed oil so it is not the same thing so now that we talked about the five types of CBD we’re going to briefly talk about what skin condition works best with some of these different types now the links of some of these studies will be in my blog in which the blog link will be in my description okay so the first one is acne so there was a study in 2014 in which they found that CVD actually reduces the amount of lipid that is being produced from the SIBO sites and that’s basically the cells that create the sebum and then in study done in 2016 and actually showed in addition to that it actually reduced inflammation in the sebocytes and inflammation throughout the skin.

And in addition to that and also they also found antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which then also can help with fungus related skin diseases as well as acne so for those of you who have sensitive skin or dry and sensitive skin or just dry skin you may want to listen up to this part so they have found that the full-spectrum CBD that we just talked about with its powerful phytochemicals and flavinoids can actually help reduce not only inflammation but it has the essential fatty acids that a lot of the lipid poor so basically dry skin is lacking it can help serve as an emollient and a moisturizer with these essential fatty acids of antioxidants and the phytochemicals a lot of times the types of products that you will see the full spectrum CBD is in oils such as massage oils salves balms lotions and creams so some of the skin conditions that are lacking a lot of the lipids or essential fatty acids.

CBDs actually has omega-6 and Gamma linoleic acid which can help for those of you who have psoriasis eczema and systemic sclerosis I mentioned in an earlier blog that also has by antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E so it can help neutralize the free radicals and there was actually a study that was done that actually helped wound healing cells so basically helped healing of wounds including acne lesions so this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the benefits of it and what you can do with it what skin types obviously this is just to better help you read the label of your skincare products because remember makeup is an art and skincare is a science.

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