How to do your summer make up!

HI guys who’s ready for a summer natural makeup today’s tutorial is on this look and it looks like I am done up but I have very few products on and a very thin layer of it I am not wearing foundation it’s just concealer bronzer blush a little bit of highlighter only one shadow on my eyes it’s a very easy makeup to do perfect for now end of summer even beginning of fall it’s going to look beautiful with neutral colors and I am using drugstore products as well I am using the physicians formula murumuru butter collection which you guys know I love which has the beautiful new tropical packaging and a packaging that is environmentally safer which I love so yeah the tutorial is going to be very quick easy and I think you guys are going to love it yeah the tutorial will be on this look it’s going to look amazing especially if you’re tanned and bronzed right now.

so I hope you guys enjoy it and let’s get to it all right let’s get started first thing I am going to do for the skin is apply serum to make sure I am hydrated this serum is going to be acting as a primer as well for the base that we’re going to apply okay to keep the skin hydrated all day today I am going to keep my skin very lightweight okay so I am going to start with some contouring cream bronzer and then concealer and then the powder stuff so I won’t be using foundation I am going to start contouring here my cheekbones and this is a great way to contour in a very lightweight effect so you put your contour your cream contour under your concealer or under your foundation or base in general okay it’s still going to give you that contoured effect that shadow that you want but it won’t really show on top of your makeup you know just make sure you blend really well you can come back here with your sponge you want to contour your nose now do it it’s not going to look so cute at first but then you when you start your base it’s going to look amazing.

Okay so now I am going to come in with a lightweight concealer but it still gives me coverage this is a creamy concealer from marc Jacobs this is a creamy concealer I am concealing all the high areas of my face a little bit here in the nose as well okay here now I am going to take a synthetic brush and just highlight all of that and highlighting here under the eyes and pulling it straight here concealer it’s going to give you that like lifted effect if you feel like you’re not blended enough you can take a bigger brush like this and just dab all around your face I am going to brush up my brows with the brow gel this is from benefit now I am going to powder my face with a translucent powder and a sponge I like to take the excess out of that I don’t want to use too much powder today just to really make this stay in place especially because I am just doing concealer today no foundation so I want that to hold okay I like to do it on my t-zone here on my mouth the extract that I have on it just here under my cheeks while I do my makeup I am going to apply my lip balm my lips hydrated to the end so I am going to finish the skin and then I will do the eyes and lips okay so I am going to use this gorgeous bronzer from physicians formula.

You guys know I am obsessed with this and now physicians formula has a new beautiful environmentally safe packaging design I love working and supporting and using brands that are mindful and they’re thinking about the environment and the great thing about it is that it is the same formula okay just a packaging change take a little bit on my brush I like to start with the dense brush get the color in there and then I will do a bigger brush just to blend it overall this bronzer is from the murumuru butter collection which is filled with rich amazon ingredients from brazil I love it look how beautiful this bronzer color is I am obsessed from all of the drugstore bronzers out there I have said it many times like this is definitely the best one I have ever tried it’s so good it delivers like a beautiful radium Brazilian glow and bronze very me another great thing about it is that it comes in eight different shades okay so it’s literally for everyone you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect shade I am using the deep bronzer I have a few colors with me actually because it depends on what time of the season of the year it is I mean between like Sunkist.

I use sun kissed as well but right now I am using deep bronzer which matches more of my skin tone right now but I have a little bit of bronze on I like to take this and put it here too and now before uh blush I like to apply highlighter as you guys know and I am going to apply the pearl uh murumuru butter highlighter same collection a little bit on the tip of my nose and I love applying this with my finger because the formula is so soft super soft so I take a little bit here look at that it’s so gorgeous  and the formula is almost like a cream formula just so rich I like to come back and just blend it look how gorgeous and now the blush I am using shade saucy mauve which is a gorgeous like pinkish color and this blush combines like the best feature of cream to powder blush uh again it’s an amazing texture I almost want to also like apply with my finger but I am going to do it with a brush um I have used this before especially on my little IG tutorials that I do if you guys don’t see it I am definitely doing mini tutorials there on my Instagram I always end up coming back and putting a little bit more of the bronzer.

I do little by little you know so I build it up so the skin will look like that and as you guys saw only concealer a little bit of cream contour under and the powder blush highlighter and bronzer which make you look like you have a full face on but it feels so light okay so now the eyes I want to do something a bit tropical I am going to use this Huda palette I am going to take the lightest coral shade here and with my finger I am going to apply it on my eyelid it’s going to match back to my outfit to my top and I will take a brush and just blend it love a little sunset eye look but like very effortless where you don’t do much you’re just literally smudging one color shadow there so cute I am going to take the bronzer again and just apply a little bit of it here under my eyes just to create a little bit of depth now put on mascara I am going to use the Patmograph which is also a product that I am loving lately super black it gives me like volume and length at the same time and I am going to do it upper and bottom lashes and now to lips.

I am going to apply the marc Jacobs o coco lip liner and I am going to apply a Physicians formula lipstick on top of it this is the organic wear nourishing lipstick the shade is buttercup which has a coral peachy undertone just a little bit of balm on top of it in the center just for like a top coat and shine very bronzy very tropical very summer even for fall it’s going to look beautiful with like neutral tone outfits I love this orangey sunset eye and the skin again is very lightweight although it looks like done up but you have a very thin layer of products on which will make it look very natural in person which is the most important thing right so this is the finished look.

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