How to select the best moisturizer for dry and mature skin?

Is your skin so dry that you have resorted to using snail mucus on your skin what’s wrong with dry skin i don’t use any moisturizers and i look great well some of us can get away with not using any moisturizers but some of us need the help so if you have mature skin or you’re over 40 or you naturally have dry skin then you need to have more of these ingredients in your moisturizer so like all moisturizers or most moisturizers they usually have the highest amount on the top of the ingredients list if you look at your moisturizer it is going to be a humectant and a lot of the times it’s going to be glycerin which draws moisture from the air to your skin now if you’re living in a very arid climate then what’s going to happen is because there’s not enough environmental moisture it can draw moisture if you have very little of it from the dermis up into the epidermis so you have to be careful with that but you still need some humectants now what’s different with moisturizers for dry skin is dry skin can actually get away with using salves or body balms skin balms things like that which may have little to no water in their ingredients list and have it be mostly made up of oils and lipids because guess what with mature skin or dry skin that is what you’re lacking you’re not really lacking that much moisture unless you’re living in an air climate you’re lacking more lipids in your skin.

So when your skin is lacking the lipids and the oils then it’s natural to see cracks um in the skin so typically uh skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis you see a lot of that cracking and that is because they’re lacking ceramides in their skin so our mature skin or lipid poor skin actually yes they do need some humectants but they really need to concentrate on using moisturizers that are heavier in emollients and occlusive agents these improve skins texture such as the skin’s smoothness softness and suppleness supple supplement is that a weird word that is a weird word supple suppleness emollients can actually help with fatty acid production in your skin and protect your skin from the environment by creating kind of a barrier between the environment and your skin so some of the examples of the emollients can be fatty alcohols fatty acids ceramides cholesterol and even occlusive agents so dry skin actually needs more fatty emollients such as castor oil jojoba oil sunflower oil octyl stearate and it actually needs a lot more occlusive agents to keep the moisture and the emollions sitting on top of the skin what oily skin types need to avoid dry and mature skin actually needs more of and this includes vegetable waxes vegetable waxy esters and phospholipids such as lecithin.

Now I’m going to show you some textures of what the texture can look like and feel like when you have these types of ingredients level one is a lotion so cerave has a similar texture kind of like this right here um and the second ingredient is glycerin which is a humectant it also has it’s a has a fatty alcohol it also has a balance of occlusive agents petroleum ceramides and cholesterol so this definitely would not be recommended for somebody who has oily or breakout prone skin level two would be more of a cream like this so that’s good for post recovery and the one I recommend is the post treatment cream and that one is really good for laser post peel post-surgical it has a good balance of humectants emollients and an occlusive agent that typically is not breakout prone or comedogenic and that’s squalene and that has the texture more actually in between these two right here now the next one is a balm so balms typically can be anhydrous which means without water so a lot of times if you look at the ingredients the first ingredient is water when you use a bong a lot of times they won’t even have water in it and they’ll just have a blend of different oils so it’ll have this like waxy type of texture i don’t know if you can tell but it’s like it’s kind of greasy almost.

And so an example of this would be pharmacy honey all-in-one repair self so the first ingredient is actually sunflower oil. So sunflower oil is really beneficial to skin that is lipid poor it’s very rich in vitamin e keeps skin moisturized for a longer period of time good for eczema it’s high in linoleic acid and protects against bacteria and germs another one is castor seed oil which is in the pharmacy and it looks like it is an anhydrous formulation so water is not included so this one is more fluid but it’s actually an oil so if you don’t like the texture of something like this this waxy type of texture you can actually so it’s more fluid but it has more fatty acids in it and it’s this one actually has what’s called dry emollient so it doesn’t feel oily or greasy so you can add that for your skin care so dryer skin actually benefits more with a sunscreen moisturizer combination versus just a sunscreen especially if you tend to use a mineral based sunscreen it has a high amount of zinc oxide because zinc oxide actually can absorb oil and that could tend to dry out skin.

So if you can use one that is a sunscreen moisturizer combination that would be a better uh fit for dry skin so as you can see here besides the oil that’s dripping here most of the products that are for oil or lipid poor skin it actually kind of stays put it doesn’t have enough water besides the oil my oil keeps dripping here so this is a good example of some of the moisturizers that you can use for dry skin because dry skin needs more lipids you know needs more fatty acids in their skin they need some moisture so here is my pro tip for dry skin you still need moisture so the best thing to do is exfoliate your skin first then use a hydrating mist so that your skin has a lot of water content on your skin and then why your skin is still wet then apply a hydrating serum and then while you’re still skin is wet from the serum apply that occlusive agent on top of your skin.

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