Let’s explore the myths and truth of hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers five truths versus five myths that you need to know in helping you keep yourself safe and your family safe during this time so not only as the Cohn food virus is spreading and the sales of hand sanitizers are going through the roof but also myths about Hansen sanitizers are spreading so the first myth is that hand sanitizers are much more effective in reducing the amount of bacteria that you have on your hands and reducing the amount spreading and diseases and that is not true it is actually washing your hands so washing your hands is the first primary choice that you should have and only when you cannot wash your hands with plain soap and water that you need to use their hand sanitizers now here’s the thing about washing your hands you have to do it correctly so here comes the process of washing our hands so professionally.

we’re actually trained on how to wash our hands because we have to prevent the spread of disease and disease especially with me working on a skin and I’m working with people with bacteria on their skin who have acne on their skin so sometimes there’s pus subtext there’s blood there’s spots of fluids so I’m going to show you what we’re taught how to do and it’s actually on the website of CDC as well as on the FDA websites so when you’re washing your hands washing your hands alone is reducing the amount of disease-causing bacteria and virus that are on our hands and that’s what helps reduce it hand sanitizers is always the secondary option situation that you cannot wash your hands so one of the other myths to is that you need antibacterial soap and I am in a one of my clients so on if you are in the Marietta area or the Temecula area personal one is called ivy rue and I will go ahead and put a link in there so you can check her out when she does hair so she actually has a night nice hand soap here and as you can see clearly it’s not antibacterial but that is not what and it doesn’t kill virus anyway so you’re washing your hands first of all you want it to be at least 75 degrees or 25 degrees Celsius above that firmly but not scalding hot.

Okay so what I do is when I wear it long sleeves I usually do it above the wrist and when I’m wearing short sleeves I actually washed up to my elbows and the reason why is because so when you’re watching your pan it is important to create the reason why they tell you to rub vigorously is because you want to create that foam because the foam breaks down the lipid barrier that protects the virus so you want to get in between your fingers and around your nails and especially those of you who have long nails because they’re carrying bacteria all over them all the time so you want to scrub literally scrub okay back and forth because what that does is every time you do that you’re creating more foam what that breaks down in the bacteria then obviously when you’re rinsing see sometimes people in the bathroom just kind of doing this don’t do that you want to keep continually rubbing back and forth right and then make sure the floor is going down and then trim off the water so with this constant washing of hands especially because we’re spent spending significant amount of times 20 seconds which is the equivalent of singing happy birthday 2 times and you know rub vigorously rubbing your hands you can you start to develop dry cracked hands and sometimes developing atopic dermatitis.

So the reason why I mentioned that I washed up to my elbows especially on the days that are hot and I have short sleeves is because when you sneeze into your elbow and what I do too is I use door handles to open before and after every treatments so before my before I enter the room I wash my hands but then the door is closed so I would my hands are clean so I would use my elbow to push down on the door handle to enter the room then the other one is every time I get in an elevator I would use my elbows people would look at me weird but I mean I understand about bacteria and the spread of disease is I weighed before coronavirus I would use my elbows to push the buttons I would use my elbows to open push open doors so a lot of times I would wash my elbows if I was innocent where my elbow was exposed and I was touching the handles and the elevator buttons and all of those with my bare skin.

So that’s another pro tip for those of you who do what I do I mean obviously you should be doing this to cut down on the spread of disease okay so myth number two is going back to hand sanitizers so I have two here so this one here is 67 percent alcohol this one here is 62 percent so it has to be between 60 to 65% alcohol and that is according to CDC and the FDA regulations on there so if it doesn’t have any sometimes the hand sanitizer so this is where you want to read the label is on the sanitizer it’ll say something like you know for sensitive skin or non-drying hand sanitizers a lot of times the reason why is because they don’t have any alcohol in there or they have a lot less alcohol in there because alcohol is what reduces the amount of bacteria and viruses but it’s also very drying so the myth is that if it doesn’t have any in there I’ll just add my own alcohol and that is false because when they are creating the formulation of the hand sanitizer.

It’s made to be not made with alcohol so now when you’re adding another ingredient which now changes product in there the FDA tells you to not do that because that can actually make it more ineffective so a lot of times – it may not have alcohol or it may have an alternative ingredient called benzyl benzoate chloride and that according to the CDC website is not as reliable as alcohol but in a pinch you could use that as well but adding additional alcohol to your existing hand sanitizer render it ineffective so don’t do that now the reason why I’m telling you this is because of such shortages of hand sanitizer that the FDA put out a temporary policy on lower based on creating hand sanitizers that have alcohol and no alcohol or less alcohol on there and I will put a link to that in the description below so you have to watch what you are buying because there are companies who normally don’t even make hand sanitizers that are narced that now stepping up and creating hand sanitizers so if it doesn’t have as much alcohol and you think oh I need to add more in there it’s not going to be effective so they do have that out there for you to read and most people don’t read it and this is why I’m writing this blog.

So this leads me to my next myth which is well there’s no sanitizers around so I can make my own hand sanitizer so the FDA has actually put out something that says do not do this there’s been reports coming in that they have gotten where people are making their own hand sanitizers and one or two or both of these things are happening and that is one is not formulated correctly so it’s not effective number two is that it’s too strong and it’s actually there’s been reports that there’s burn on human skin because they’re not formulating it correctly so the FDA does not have any system or regulations where they can verify the steps that you are taking in trying to create your own hand sanitizer and being able to verify that it actually works so do not make your own hand sanitizer and if you know someone who may be doing this please share this blog.

Okay myth number four is that hand sanitizers are still effective after the expiration date and the FDA says that unless the product has been tested to be stable after for at least three years on a shelf life there is no verifiable way to see if it is effective as before the expiration date so if you choose to use it because there’s nothing else obviously know going in that it may not be effective or not at all effective because you know alcohol evaporates very quickly so please make sure that the expiration date has a pact if you’re finding a hand sanitizer that is one year after the expiration date it’s probably not effective at all at all because people forget alcohol does evaporate okay so here is the copy out the cambia is the FDA has made some temporary policies for those companies who normally don’t make hand sanitizers you will see some of them if you look at them they don’t have expiration dates and you’re saying well I’m just fine they just came out today why it doesn’t it not have an expiration date that may be because the hand sanitizer product that you are using was recently made by a company who normally doesn’t make them and so the FDA has different regulations for those and they don’t have them because they are meant to be used for this current health emergency.

Okay so the final myth is I ran out of hand sanitizer I’m just going to use my Clorox disinfecting wipes the FDA specifically tells you to not this is not formulated for human skin so don’t use this on your hand or your body or your ex so for those of you who do not know there are three levels of contamination that we are we are educated on so the first level which is the lowest level is sanitation and that is like for example it is washing your hands it is using hand sanitizer it is washing your dishes by hand because all sanitation means is that you are reducing the amount of bacteria or viruses on a particular surface and it’s usually on human tissue so that means you’re just reducing the amount it is not taking off protect per se the virus and bacteria that may be on your hands there’s no way that you can destroy all bacteria and viruses on your hand without killing the tissue first so that is the first level of sanitation the second level is disinfection and it was designed disinfecting wipes are designed to be used on non-porous surfaces and I was going to do a separate blog on how to clean correctly so if you guys want that blog please let me know in the comments but basically what most people do is they take a disinfecting wipe and they just wipe it down something and in a pinch that that works but really the way that you’re supposed to do it is just supposed to sanitize it first so clean off.

Let’s say your counter surfaces with water and soap and then wipe it down and then use the disinfecting wipes but my myth number five was to if you’re in a pinch to use this for your hands and your body but you’re not supposed to so do not use this on yourself and the other thing I wanted to add is when you see disinfecting the second level of decontamination is it’s removing or lowering the level of bacteria fungus spores and viruses which on your skin obviously you can’t do that so the highest level of the contamination is sterilization as sterilization is basically easy is using chemicals gas pressure or temperature to eliminate almost all the bacterial spores virus any disease caring element and the way that you can do that is for example if you have implements and you wash them you with soapy water and then you dry them off if you put them in barbicide that’s disinfection but when you put them in a medical autoclave where it heats up to temperature of 250 or higher that is sterilization so when they are they sterilize implements for surgery okay they have to that’s how they do it so it’s sanitation disinfection and then sterilization.

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