Your sunscreen could be doing more harm than good! let’s find out.

So we’re going to be talking about today the worst sunscreens for anti-aging and to treat hyperpigmentation so this is what I think of these sunscreens so sunscreens work very similar to this umbrella and that is the umbrella is protecting me from the Sun so when you wear sunscreen it’s supposed to protect your skin from the UV rays which can cause overtime the breakdown of collagen and can lead to fine lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation so why is it that some sunscreens are paired with anti-aging ingredients that actually make your skin more photo sensitive to the Sun such as AHAs like glycolic acid and retinol.

There are literally thousands and thousands of sunscreens on the shelves today and all the marketing people their job is to get you the consumer to get that one sunscreen out of all those shelves or online stores and buy that and bring it home so they have to stand out one way or another so here are some of the worst sunscreens I think or is a bad marketing idea especially to use during the summer the first one is CeraVe skin renewing cream SPF 30 the second one is Neutrogena anti-wrinkle deep wrinkle daily moisturizer SPF 20 and the final one is a L’Oreal Revitalift daily moisturizer SPF 30 can any of you guess why I pick these sunscreens and why they’re the worst ones to use during the summer.

I’ll tell you why so each of these sunscreen uses a type of AHA so I understand where they were going with this AHAs increases the skin cell turnover rate so over time what it does is its exfoliating your face so people that have fine lines and wrinkles that starts to smooth that out give the appearance of less fine lines and wrinkles and it helps with hyperpigmentation however if you notice in most of the products that contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid which is a BHA or retinol it says because it makes your skin photosensitive to please use a sunscreen so pairing up these two together is like pairing up gasoline and fire so CeraVe and Neutrogena both put retinol in their sunscreen and the marketing gimmick that Cerave uses I think is they try to market it as encapsulated retinol and they market it as that it is a slow-releasing retinol well I’m here to tell you that encapsulated retinol is still retinol so if you stop and think about it retinol makes your skin photosensitive so why would you add it to sunscreen when typically most people are using sunscreen right before they go outside so especially during the summer where the Sun is actually closer to the earth.

It basically makes the sun’s rays a lot stronger so typically most people who tend to burn burn a lot faster and deeper so here’s a thought and here is a quote protip but not really a pro tip is if you’re going to use retinol use it at night not during the day right before you go outside keep the product separate if you’re insistent on using retin-a or retinol all throughout the year which i don’t recommend but if you’re going to do it then use it sparingly use it at night not during the day so the l’oreal Revitalift SPF 30 has glycolic acids so not retinol but still it’s still and it still can make your skin very sensitive to the UV rays so the benefit of this it does have some humectants in it however it has perfume in it and so if you think about this carefully especially for those of you who have sensitive skin or towards sensitivities if you have hyperpigmentation when you pair up an H a or any type of acid and a fragrance and then you go outside and expose your skin to UV rays one it can all the interactions with all of that can photosensitizer skin even more and over long-term you can get what’s called fragrance induced hyperpigmentation so before we go on to the worst offender of the three.

So did you guess the worst offender the worst offender is Neutrogena anti-wrinkle deep wrinkle daily moisturizer SPF 30 and the reason why it is because when I looked at their ingredients list not only did they have retinol but they really did not have any beneficial ingredients for the skin so how apropos that in the title of this product says deep wrinkle because it’s using retinol and not only that the SPF is only 20 and then it has parabens in there of course it has several types of silicone which of course silicone in and of itself is not bad but the amount that they put in there the other thing is that it uses for their sunscreen avobenzone and oxybenzone those are chemical sunscreens now when you pair that with a ingredient that can make your increase the sensitivities of your skin and already avobenzone and oxybenzone are known in and of itself it can cause a rash so when you’re pairing retinol those two chemical sunscreens and then you’re out in the Sun for people who have reactive skin it is not a good combination so it’s going to cause deep wrinkles so I just think it’s funny that they put deep wrinkle in the title because you’re going get those look I get it you are trying to slow down aging you heard that AHA such as retina retinol glycolic acid help with the appearance of the skin for antiaging and then you also heard that sunscreen really protects your skin from the UV rays, that cause long-term aging of the skin so you’re thinking well those two both work together they’re even better. No my tip is to use them in separate times and in separate products but not in a product that pairs the two together so the other pro tip is when you are buying a sunscreen there I know that there is a school of thought out there that some of you are saying look it’s just sunscreen I don’t want to pay a lot of money I understand that but if you’re going to be wearing sunscreen all day you have to find a good one a good quality one but it acts as a moisturizer so for those of you who have dry skin it is not a good idea to put moisturizer on and then sunscreen you are diluting the sun protection factor of that sunscreen try to find a sunscreen that has a moisturizer in there for those of you who have oily skin or breakout from skin find the ones that have micro sponges or that tend to absorb oil throughout the day if you have sensitive skin or you’re using things that sensitize your skin try to look for ingredients that are anti inflammatories or anti aging such as niacinamide red raspberry extract for hyperpigmentation and has tyrosinase inhibitors so you’re getting more for your money and actually nowadays when i did a recent research online some of these sunscreens that have absolutely no beneficial ingredients but they’re just for sunscreen they’re just as much as some of these ones that have all these other beneficial ingredients.

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